Ice Bucket Fails

The latest rage on the internet is what’s called the “ice bucket challenge” which is basically a stunt to raise money and awareness for ALS or Lou Gerigsons disease. The challenge involves either dumping a bucket of ice water on your head or donating $100 to the charity to help the disease. I saw this being done at a local vape shop in queens and it got me thinking.

The person taking the challenge has been nominated by another person along with 2 others to take the challenge. Makes you wonder how was the first person ever? like a chicken and egg thing right?

While I’m all for charity it seems as though everyone jumped on the bandwagon. All my friends, friends of friends, family, celebrities, politicians, billionaires, legends etc etc. When I saw George Bush do it I knew it went too far. Thing is with anything to goes to far there will be some fails, and some really good ones. I’m all for comedy so I found this one which is great. Enjoy folks.

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